About Us

Welcome to Brick & Elm, the premier lifestyle magazine of Amarillo, Texas. Founded by Amarillo publishing veterans Michele McAffrey and Jason Boyett, Brick & Elm is locally owned and dedicated to this region. From printing to photography to ad sales, everything about us is local.

Meet Michele: Michele McAffrey launched and guided a previous Amarillo-focused publication for more than a dozen years. When that role came to an end, this Amarillo native couldn’t let go of her passion for telling local stories, highlighting local businesses, and pushing our city’s culture forward. Brick & Elm is the result of that drive and experience. Michele serves as the magazine’s co-publisher and executive editor. Contact Michele.

Meet Jason: Writer Jason Boyett is also an Amarillo native. He’s written hundreds of articles about his hometown and is the creator and host of Hey Amarillo, a popular weekly interview podcast. “They say local journalism is dying, but Amarillo has always been pretty independent from national trends,” Jason says. “Our city deserves a sophisticated publication like Brick & Elm.” Jason serves as the magazine’s co-publisher and editorial director. Contact Jason.

The Name: Historic brick streets connected Amarillo’s early residents. They remind us today of the pioneering spirit that first brought our city to life. The elm trees planted by those pioneers also still stand, shading our streets with life and growth. Brick & Elm ties our past to our present as we explore what connects us—from our deep roots to the new energy of a vibrant city. 

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