Some really good news for Amarillo diners in general, and taco enthusiasts especially: El Giro, the Bell Street brick-and-mortar restaurant which has never met a taco order it could not fill—or an appetite which could not be sated by one of its breakfast burritos—has added another fantastic food truck to its fleet. Which is great for all of us. The more places to access El Giro’s menu of tacos, burritos (breakfast and otherwise), flautas, sopes, quesadillas and more, the better.

If you have not visited El Giro’s restaurant and drive-thru on Bell Street in person, doing so is a great way to begin to understand why you may have heard people talking excitedly about their new food truck, which now operates in the parking lot of the former gas station on 10th Avenue and Washington Street. 

Inside the Bell Street location, horchata (sweetened rice milk) and other flavorful sweet drinks are available on tap. The salsa bar is nearly overflowing with spicy, medium and mild options, extra jalapeños (fresh or grilled) are available by the spoonful, as is the restaurant’s usual garnish: pickled carrots, jalapeños and onions. This garnish is so addictive this diner has asked to purchase them by the jarful in the past. (Not a Mason jar. I asked if I could buy the gallon-jar-sized batch. They generously gave me a Ziploc baggie, instead.)

Diners accustomed to visiting the original El Giro food truck (usually parked at the corner of Grand and Amarillo Boulevard) should not be put off by the color of the new truck. It’s yellow, instead of the green you might be used to. But it’s definitely the same great food from the same great people who have been serving incredible flavors for many years. And now, happily, it’s available from another location.

Everything on the menu is good, and if you are looking for a great place to start your El Giro journey, you cannot go wrong with ordering a taco plate. Diners get a choice of lengua, pollo, asada, carnitas, chile verde, cabeza, pastor,  barbacoa or tripe. The carne asada tacos are made with lean meat and topped simply with finely diced onions and cilantro, served with refried beans topped with cheese, rice, two types of salsa—the smoky red is spicier than the tomatillo-based green—and garnished with those particularly good pickled carrots, jalapeños and onions. 

Also available at El Giro’s newest food truck: Quesabirrias, a cheesy twist on birria tacos. The addition of Oaxaca cheese is exquisite. It melts to the tortilla as it crisps on the griddle after being dipped in the same beef broth in which the meat has been slow-cooked. Although I was sure El Giro’s birria tacos could not be improved upon, somehow, cheese finds a way to achieve the seemingly impossible. Remember to ask for extra napkins if you order this dish—you will want to mix the two kinds of salsa, in addition to the bite-dip-repeat move you’ll no doubt use for the broth served alongside the tacos. 

1800 Bell St.

Open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sunday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.