Photos by Shannon Richardson

Fire Slice Pizzeria

One of Amarillo’s highest-rated restaurants on TripAdvisor isn’t particularly easy to find. Fire Slice is located facing the alleyway north of the Summit Shopping Center at 34th and Coulter. But that hasn’t kept this spot from attracting fans of its creative, brick-oven pizzas. “We’re a little off-the-beaten path, so if you’re coming here, you’ve got a reason to come here,” says owner/operator Cody Blair. A two-decade restaurant industry veteran, Blair and his wife, Gina, bought Fire Slice from the previous owner in 2018.

“We make everything from scratch,” Blair says. That includes the dough, meatballs, and even the ice cream on the dessert menu. 

He says their pepperoni pizza is the most popular dish—which is pretty much the case with any pizza restaurant—but Fire Slice is beloved for its more unique pies. The Honeybomb combines sliced meatballs, smoked ham and jalapeños with hot honey for a sweet-and-spicy kick. The Hot Momma, which pairs pepperoni and house-made Italian sausage with green chiles, is another favorite.

But there’s more to the menu than pizza, from the baked green chile tortellini and cheese to the blackberry bread pudding, which is served with vanilla ice cream. A rotating dessert-of-the-month has a charitable focus, with Fire Slice donating $1 to a local nonprofit every time it’s ordered. “We are definitely charity-driven. We love giving back to the community,” says Blair.

7306 SW 34th Ave. (in the alley)

806.331.2232 |