Savór Tapas Bar

“I wanted to bring something to Amarillo that Amarillo didn’t have—a higher-end speakeasy restaurant,” says Rory Schepisi, the local restaurateur behind this new-to-Amarillo concept in Greenways Village at  7669 Hillside Road. Popular in Spanish cuisine, tapas refers to small, appetizer-sized plates of food. A typical approach to a tapas meal is to order several dishes and share them at the table.

“We really wanted to showcase the small plates,” says Schepisi, who also owns The Drunken Oyster. “A big reason I love tapas is because it is about sharing and communicating and bringing everybody back to the table. Put down your phones, put down your day, and let’s focus on each other and the amazing food in front of us.”

That food, as prepared by Chef Tyler Ryen—a product of the high-end restaurant scene in Boulder, Colorado—is indeed amazing. We loved the incredibly flavorful braised shrimp in the Gambas al Ajillo and the grilled octopus of Pulpo a la Gallega. And for fans of traditional escargot, this is one of the few places you can get this delicacy in Amarillo.

In addition to the Spanish-influenced menu, the wine list is also designed for exploration, intentionally avoiding wines produced in the United States. “We are embracing international wines,” Schepsis says, and she and her staff are happy to suggest alternatives to varieties popular in America. 

The atmosphere of Savór is also noteworthy. Schepisi and team built Savór during the pandemic, navigating a frustrating storm of labor and supply-chain issues. Like the wine list and menu, the decor is equally international, featuring dramatic green wallpaper from Capetown, South Africa and chandeliers from Hong Kong. As a result, Savór presents a sleek, sophisticated vibe, including a “secret” room for private events hidden behind a walk-through mirrored door. After opening a few weeks ago, the restaurant has recently begun serving international sandwiches and salads for lunch, with a Spanish-style brunch menu being planned for Saturdays. 

7669 Hillside Road, Suite 600

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