The best advice I ever heard is … Be yourself. God doesn’t make junk.

My three most recommended books are … Of course, my most recommended would be the Junior League of Amarillo cookbook we developed, Beyond the Rim: A Taste of Amarillo. I am constantly cooking from it or recommending a recipe to someone. Each recipe was successfully tested three times to make the cut. My others are Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession by Erma Bombeck. I love her humor and insight and The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette because I am smart enough to know how much I don’t know!

To me, success means … being content, happily married, enjoying my career, seeing my sons in successful marriages with careers and growing families. I want to know that I made a positive difference while I was alive.

People who know me might be surprised that I … love to snow ski and would spend every weekend at Wolf Creek if I didn’t have so much going on in Amarillo!

My biggest pet peeve is … Ha! Where do I begin? My biggest pet peeve is people who don’t know how to drive on the interstate.

Everyone in Amarillo needs to experience … Our sunrises and sunsets. We are blessed to live in a place where we can actually see the horizon and God’s artwork in the sky.

If I could change any one local thing it would be … trash and recycling. I hate seeing large objects on the curbs even for one day, and am embarrassed for visitors to our city to see this.  

This city is amazing at … volunteerism and philanthropy. We are blessed to live in a community that recognizes needs and creates solutions. There are so many good things going on in Amarillo that make it a better place to live. 

My favorite place in Amarillo is … my home filled with friends and family.

A local organization I love right now … the High Plains Food Bank. It is hard to fathom that in the United States of America, people are hungry and pantry shelves are empty for young and old alike. The food bank delivers groceries to food pantries all over the Panhandle and needs our continued support as its mission continues to grow.