Photo by Shannon Richardson

Jason Barrett, MBA, FACHE

Northwest Texas Healthcare System Chief Executive Officer

The best advice I ever heard is: Sage advice from my father—you can get a lot done if you get along with people. Too often, I’ve seen leaders who put the initiative before the relationship. It’s been my experience that this type of approach is not only short-sighted but self-defeating.

My three most recommended books are: The March of Folly, by Barbara Tuchman; Diplomacy, by Henry Kissinger; The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemmingway.

I love these books because they are instructional as it relates to human interaction. We often make decisions based on time, and we live in a dynamic environment where market circumstances change. A common thread with these books is having the awareness to understand current situations and correct our course—even if it is contrary to our original decision.

To me, success means: You’ve helped someone. The older I’ve gotten, I’ve realized it is much more fulfilling to see someone who has put their trust in you overcome adversity and thrive—whether that be a colleague, friend or family member. Success, in my view, is based in hope.

People who know me might be surprised that I: play the guitar. I have been playing since I was 19. I’d like to say that I had some inner yearning to express myself. It was really to try and look cool and meet girls. (Both of which I failed at miserably.)

My biggest pet peeve is: selfishness.

Everyone in Amarillo needs to experience: The Sea of Abaco (a saltwater lagoon in the Bahamas) at sunset. I spent many nights sitting out under the stars with my family listening to music there—times I really cherish.

If I could change any one local thing it would be: I’m new to the city, but I haven’t found one thing yet that needs to change. I love the people here—they are so friendly and welcoming.

This city is amazing at: welcoming new residents. I have had so many people reach out and share their time and thoughts about living in Amarillo.

My favorite place in Amarillo is: so cliché, but I love Palo Duro Canyon. For a native Floridian, those vistas are just awe-inspiring.

A local organization I love right now: I am so impressed with Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch and what they do for children. They are doing God’s work.