The best advice I ever heard is … “You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather” (Pema Chodron). A great metaphor. Emotions are temporary. They don’t define you unless you let them.

My three most recommended books are … The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver—amazing how Kingsolver kept multiple points of view going throughout; Maria Chabot – Georgia O’Keeffe: Correspondence, 1941-1949—Books of letters are the best way to “hear” historical figures speak. This covers O’Keeffe during the war years when she spent winters in New York and summers at Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu, New Mexico; any poetry book by Billy Collins.

 To me, success means … Always remembering that everything is interesting. Look closer.

 People who know me might be surprised that I … could be a Santa Fe tour guide. We love it there.

My biggest pet peeve is … being interviewed. Ha! It feels awkward because I’m usually the one asking the questions!

Everyone in Amarillo needs to experience … EVERY neighbborhood. There’s so much to learn about the people, history and culture of our community when we venture outside our own set of neighborhood blocks. Drive a different way to work every day. Participate in events across the city.

If I could change any one local thing it would be … more neon! It gives downtown such a colorful vibe.  

 This city is amazing at … coming together to help when a need arises.

 My favorite place in Amarillo is … in front of any one of the great murals popping up every day.

A local organization I love right now … Operation First Five, a group focused on the first five years in a child’s life and how critical those years are for health, learning and social adjustment. They have helpful information for parents. Look them up: