Elevation changes perspective. Whether it’s a photographer standing on a ladder to take a portrait or a drone pilot maneuvering a flying camera hundreds of feet in the air, the resulting images transform our point of view.

That’s one reason Chris Hale, a longtime photographer and videographer, turned his attention to professional drone photography through 806Aerial.

His interest in photography began when he got his first 35mm Canon camera as a freshman at the then West Texas State University in 1983. He began shooting and editing videos over the next decade, and was hooked. When consumer drones started entering the market a few years ago, his family gave him his first drone. That was 2016.

Hale began experimenting and quickly got licensed through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Not long after, he saw a market for construction, real estate, agriculture, media and industrial clients to use drone-captured aerial photos and videos. That’s when 806Aerial began. “I love capturing the wide-open spaces and industrious spirit of the Texas Panhandle,” Hale says.

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