Bary Nusz

Born and raised in Amarillo, Bary Nusz comes from a family of ranchers and cowboys. But his attention turned in a different direction. “I was always the city boy playing with his computer. I love gadgets, technology, extreme weather, wild nature, and I love to share what I do with others,” he says.

For the past 30 years, he’s been taking videos and photographs of Tornado Alley skies and the canyons along the Llano Estacado. “Whether I’m videoing the beauty of a towering thunderstorm or photographing a box canyon at the end of a hidden trail, I try to find the abundant beauty of the wild Texas Panhandle,” he says. Nusz sold storm videos for years, and now sells that beauty in the form of dramatic landscape photos.

He calls himself a “photographer who hikes” and doesn’t hesitate to trek 20 miles in search of hidden slot canyons in the Panhandle. That commitment to the outdoors has served him well. “I get messages from people who love to hike, used to hike, or can’t hike anymore,” Nusz says. “They all thank me for sharing my adventures with them. They are exploring with me. I wasn’t expecting that connection with others who love wild nature as much as I do.”