Dwalls Studio

The world’s first selfie studios began popping up several years ago in international hotspots like Beijing, New York City and Las Vegas. Then they arrived in Dallas and San Antonio. Finally, Amarillo has its own: Dwalls Studio, a new venture owned by entrepreneurial local couple Izik and Ana Ochoa. “We wanted to bring something fun and interactive to the city of Amarillo,” Ana says. “It gives everyone the opportunity to feel creative and have a space to use their phone and let their imagination run.”

Located near 34th and Georgia, Dwalls Studio offers 15 creative, themed rooms. These small studio spaces provide backgrounds—think brightly colored murals, neon, or interactive displays—for customers to use as backgrounds for selfies. Additional pop-up backgrounds are also available throughout the complex. Ana says a half-dozen of the displays will change seasonally, and Dwalls just replaced a few Christmas-themed walls with backgrounds for the new year. The facility even offers dressing rooms for users to switch outfits.

“It’s been a mix of all people and all ages,” Izik says. “We’ve had special events, birthdays, couples with a newborn baby or people who just wanted to do something new.” A few local businesses have also taken advantage of the space to showcase their products on social media. Use of the facility is ticketed, with one-hour general admission slots sold for $25. Kids ages
3 to 13 are $15, and two-hour group packages are available for $100 for five admissions. 

“You can come in and use the entire place as many times as you want during that hour,” explains Ana. 

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