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In Focus with Jason Burr

Jason Burr

Despite its urban growth in recent years, Amarillo’s cowboy background remains part of the city’s larger story, and that Western heritage is never too far from view. New technologies and innovations have transformed the cattle industry in recent years. But some aspects still look just like they did during the area’s pioneer days. 

In early May of this year, local photographer Jason Burr had the opportunity to document the last cattle drive of the season at a locally owned ranch. Less than two hours from Amarillo, he found himself immersed in landscapes and traditions that have changed little over the past few decades. “Shooting pictures of the cowboys rounding up the cattle, separating the cows and bulls, and then roping, branding and doctoring the calves was an experience I’ll never forget,” Burr says. He and the ranch owners were kind enough to share these cattle drive images with Brick & Elm. 

Jason Burr

Born and raised in Amarillo, Jason Burr is a partner with NCW Risk Management. When not helping his insurance clients, Jason pursues his passion for photography, focusing on everything from wildlife and landscapes to night shoots of Route 66. His wife of 24 years, Noma, encourages him every step of the way—and so do his daughter and granddaughter. See more of his photos at jasonburr.com.