Research shows that time spent in a natural setting is physically and psychologically good for us. Whether you’re hiking in Palo Duro Canyon or picnicking in a local park, time spent in nature can definitely be restorative. But what about indoors? Locals are finding plenty of ways to bring the sights and smells of the outside world inside the home. From herbal facial steams and aromatic sage smudge sticks to indoor plants and succulents, local boutiques offer plenty of botanical products to boost your mood.

Photos by Shannon Richardson

Thymes Fresh-Cut Basil dishwashing liquid and countertop spray
$16 each: The Secret Place

Los Poblanos organic lavender skin care oil $36: From 6th Collective

Slow North herbal facial steam $17: From 6th Collective

Large smudge stick $40: The Brash House (inside From 6th Collective)

Framed fern leaf under glass $59: Moonwater Designs

Succulent dish $58: Windswept Prairie Plant Truck (inside The Nesting Place)