Wedding Announcements

Bridal or engagement announcements are available in three different sizes, all with clean, contemporary layouts suitable for framing. [Note: We do not publish feature stories on local weddings, so registering for an announcement is the only way to have your wedding featured in Brick & Elm.]

Half Page: $295
Up to two photos and 5-6 paragraphs of text (300 words)

Full Page: $595
Up to four photos and around 10 paragraphs of text (500 words)

Two Page Spread: $995
Up to nine photos and around 10 paragraphs of text (500 words)

Due to space limitations, wedding announcement space must be reserved in advance of our publication deadlines and submitted photos must be approved by our editorial team. Brides will need to write their own copy, but our team will provide light editing and proofreading. Please reference our example text and match your details with it. Brides are responsible for submitting correctly spelled names. Prior to publication, you will receive a PDF proof of your announcement via email. Any spelling mistakes or factual corrections must be submitted within 48 hours of receipt due to our strict publishing deadlines. 

You will receive two free copies of the issue when it releases, as well as a high-resolution final PDF which can be printed and framed. Additional copies of Brick & Elm must be purchased.

We will contact you for payment and photo submission after the form is received. 

We will contact you for payment after submission.
What was your inspiration? Where was it held? Who were your wedding vendors (florist, photography, bakery, planner, caterer etc) Who was in the wedding party and what were their titles? Who officiated the wedding?
Tell us all the details!
Where will you live? (City only, address not necessary)