Vibrant red, crisp orange, vivid yellow, lush greens, bright blues, and decadent purples are all colors rarely seen in the middle of winter in the Texas Panhandle, but which entice diners year-round at FAVs

Their specialty is right in their name: FAVs is short for “Fruits and Veggies,” simply enumerating the cafe’s focus. Inspired to make fast and fresh fare more convenient in Amarillo after a health scare caused the owners to examine how nutrition affected their health, FAVs specializes in flavorful salads, filling smoothies, and tasty snacks. 

The bright and airy cafe is tucked away in a strip of businesses on 16th Avenue, off Washington street. Diners are greeted with a cheerful “Welcome!” from staff members as they push open the creaky vintage door and take in the high, tiled ceilings and well-trodden wooden floors. Walk straight up to the prep line—a salad bar of sorts where staff can modify any of the menu options—or hang a slight right to the register to pick up a to-go order. Mismatched tables and chairs make seating options for groups customizable and funky-cool. 

FAVs salads are delicious, and there’s no wrong answer when it comes to ordering. Each salad is piled high with locally sourced fresh veggies when possible. Fruits and vegetables, along with cheeses, seeds, nuts, and protein, create unique and crunchy to-the-last-bite salads, which are hearty enough to stand alone as a meal. A dash of crunchy, salty sunflower seeds crowns the verdant Garden Salad. The Strawberry Fields Salad includes juicy strawberries and watermelon—both will have you dreaming of the sunny days of summer. 

Sandwiches and wraps are all customizable, as well. This diner recommends the protein-packed and craveably tangy MEG as a sandwich or a wrap. The MEG sandwich includes two kinds of protein, Blazin’ Chicken and a hard-boiled egg, which are elevated by creamy guacamole, pico, special seasonings, and Pepino sauce. They’d forgive you for using a fork and knife to eat it. 

On the lighter side, the Lite Chicken Wrap is a more portable salad-like option. It’s a wheat tortilla stuffed with veggies, cheese, and chicken breast, topped with an aioli that adds just the right amount of dressing-like creaminess to merge the crisp crunch of the vegetables and the soft tortilla.

Even those who are not typically fans of chicken salad should taste the one served at FAVs. It’s made with crunchy apples and celery, grapes, mayo, herbs, and spices, and can be added to salad, a wrap, a sandwich, or even on cucumber slices for unique and tasty “sliders” the FAVs way. 

Diners can plan ahead or round out their meal with a healthy snack like one of the café’s Pepino Cups (cucumbers drenched in lemon juice and special seasonings) or a bag of trail mix for the road. The Chocolate Chia Pudding is a healthy but deliciously creamy and crunchy dupe of the traditional lunchbox treat. 

For a quick and portable meal that is still fruit-and-veggie based, smoothies are made with plant-based protein powder, fat-free vanilla yogurt, and oats. The fruit-based flavors like Blueberry Muffin and Super Food Smoothie can be made with vegan ingredients, as well. 

Refreshing and energizing, FAVs offers several juice options from simple celery or carrot to complex and earthy, like the Panky Juice which is made with beets, celery, carrots, red apple, ginger, and lemon. Also recommended: the powerful Green Machine, made with celery, green apple, grapes, and cucumber. 

Many of FAVs’ dishes, including salads and wraps, are customizable to accommodate many dietary preferences or restrictions. Local vegans, vegetarians, the carb-conscious, and others will find many truly tasty options to brighten their day at FAVs.