One of Amarillo’s newest restaurants offers just one food item, for now, but when your product is as unique, tasty and as aesthetically pleasing as a Mochinut, it’s easy to see why diners—including this one—are already lining up ahead of the Grand Opening. 

Soft, chewy and round to the ninth degree (eight dough balls connect to form each round pastry), Mochinuts are rice flour doughnuts fried to perfection and topped with sweet, colorful, glossy glazes and dainty finishes. 

Mochi doughnuts were dreamed up in Hawaii, combining marshmallowy Japanese mochi and classic American doughnuts. The rice flour dough texture makes a tight crumb with a perfectly chewy inside and a lightly fried exterior. The texture is unexplainably light and enjoyable. Sold in groups of three, six or by the dozen, Mochinuts are uniquely shareable because of their shape. Just pull off a section.

The rotating menu of inventive flavors changes every Wednesday, announced on Mochinuts’ social media page. Even grownups will catch themselves pressing their noses up to the glass case to admire the cute and captivating creations. This week, diners will find cinnamon sugar-crusted Caramel Churro, cocoa powder-covered Tiramisu, perfectly sweet and sticky Marshmallow XO, bright green Honeydew, tart and fruity Strawberry Febulove, and the Original Glazed. 

After the not-yet-announced-but-planned Grand Opening (“Soon. This month,” the staff says, but are reluctant to confirm a new date), Mochinut Amarillo will offer Korean Rice Flour hotdogs, as well, with flavors like Crispy Ramen, Hot Cheetos Mozzarella, and Potato Mozzarella. 

From the sign on the wall to the bright pink box the pastries come in, everything in Mochinut is so cute that even those who otherwise refuse to take photos of their food will be tempted to share a little bit of the airy pink dessert shop on their feed. Even the Milk Teas are served in a clear can. You can savor the sweet and creamy iced drink while watching the swirling colors change with each sip. For maximum social media photo impact, and for a unique flavor experience, order the bright purple-and-white swirled Ube. 

As the box says, Mochinuts are more than just a doughnut—Mochinuts are a delight.