This month’s dining experience caused the establishment of a personal new food rule: If the person taking your order asks if you would like what you have just ordered to come topped with Hot Cheetos dust, say “Yes” every time. 

New to Amarillo, Roll-Em-Up Taquitos is focused on its namesake, offering several kinds of taquitos customizable with house-made sauces, which are pan-fried to order. Shredded beef, citrus marinated chicken, green chile potato, or shredded cheese are encased in either a homemade corn or flour tortilla and served hot and crispy, exactly as Mama Karen—whose dishes created the brand—would serve them. 

“Loaded” taquitos come topped with grated cheese, guac sauce, sour cream and either mild or spicy Roll-Em-Up Sauce. Mix and match your favorite of either three or five taquitos as a combo, or feed a crowd with an order of 25 or more.

Roll-Em-Up Taquitos offers sides like soft and flavorful rice, charro beans, and thick fried corn chips that can withstand scoops of queso, guacamole, salsa (or all three!). But the real star here is the street corn. Whole ears of white corn on a stick, dipped in butter, slathered with mayo and rolled in cotija cheese, or served fully loaded adding the aforementioned Hot Cheetos dust and tajin. 

Which, as we have already decided, one should never turn down.

The street corn is also available in a cup, presumably for diners who happen to have forgotten to bring dental floss.

The focused menu may seem one-note for patrons who are used to having more options at other fast-casual restaurants in southwest Amarillo. However, the owners say the streamlined menu allows them to focus on freshness. They hand-roll all their taquitos every day, then fry them to order in proprietary cast-iron equipment. 

If you need or want gluten-free or gluten-sensitive options, Roll-Em-Up caters to those needs, offering another delicious choice in Amarillo and beyond: The restaurant is in the process of expanding to more than 500 locations across the southwest. 

5900 SW 45th Ave.,
Open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.