We live in a part of the state where locals say you can watch your dog run away for three days (or at least, in my experience, several blocks) and where the nearest lakeside property is a seasonal playa lake. That’s why enthusiastic diners are thankful for our robust, reliable and hard-working transportation industry. Because of that modern convenience, Amarillo prides itself on the quality and quantity of fantastic sushi restaurants which rival much larger metros. 

Just a few months after opening, Oishii Japanese Sushi & Sake already counts among the great restaurants which specialize in serving that delicate and decadent dish. 

Oishii Japanese Sushi & Sake boasts a Texas-size menu with showstopping dishes which are just as delicious as they are beautiful. You’ll find ever-popular local favorites like panang curry, basil fried rice, and pad thai highlighted as main entree options, but exciting sides and appetizers make Oishii a standout. 

Oishii’s kitchen offers some unexpected dishes and executes them well. Take starters like the umami crisp (crispy Brussels sprouts topped with crispy garlic and bonito flakes) and spicy gochujang cauliflower (fried and served with spicy gochujang glaze). Both dishes put vegetables front-and-center, treating them like much other kitchens would only treat animal proteins. The spicy Korean fried chicken wings (Oishii’s take on KFC) sapidly and thoughtfully combines sweet and spicy sauces, crunchy and tender textures, and bursts of flavorfully coordinated garnishes. 

The creativity of Oishii’s team does not stop at its appetizers. Diners can enjoy the fanfare of the lobster bomb (a stack of tempura lobster tails, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, masago, with a special sauce and tempura flakes), which looks like it is about to take flight off the oversized plate and martini glass that showcase the many elements. Also don’t miss the downright adorable sushi sashimi bento box (sashimi, sushi, one roll and either an egg roll or pork gyoza). Perfect for those who enjoy both sashimi and the crispy brown edges of the rice right at the bottom of the pot, the randalion is another tower of tastes and textures made of a deep-fried marinated rice ball topped with tuna, salmon, spicy kani, avocado, scallion, and masago, which is served with a house special sauce on top.

Those are flamboyant dishes, and all areas of the menu pay attention to presentation, but it’s not all style and no substance at Oishii. Perfect for sushi purists, the simple and elegant sashimi appetizer comes with three varieties of uncooked salmon, tuna and the chef’s choice of white fish, which are skillfully cut into perfect slices, highlighting the natural beauty of the bright colors and fat marbling of the exquisite fish. The beautiful sashimi pieces are served over a bed of chipped ice in a bright bowl with a few simple accoutrements. For those less inclined to enjoy the simple flavors of raw fish, the house-special Virginia Circle roll combines more familiar tastes and textures—shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado topped with spicy tuna and spicy kani.

Oishii Japanese Sushi & Sake elevates Amarillo’s culinary landscape, proving that even in a region known for its arid, rugged terrain, the pursuit of culinary excellence extends even farther than the eye can see. 

2721 Virginia Circle

Open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.