Matcha Jelly Delish

In a city passionate about donuts, this cottage bakery and delivery service has built an equally passionate, artistic following. Owners Bella Chandra and Kathy Reyna both have celiac disease and avoid gluten. But both also love baked goods. “We wanted a real donuts,” Chandra says. Matcha Jelly Delish grew from that desire.

They discovered pon-de-ring donuts, a Japanese style that uses miniature dough balls to form a ring, and a recipe that doesn’t require traditional flour. Chandra is a former tattooist, so the duo’s artistic presentation—often accompanied by homemade candy—happened naturally. “It’s important that these are visually beautiful,” says Reyna. “Food requires all of your senses.”

 We loved the unique texture and incredible, complicated flavors of these donuts. We aren’t the only people they’ve impressed. Matcha Jelly Delish recently placed third in their category in The Greatest Baker, the world’s largest online competition. The votes are in: These donuts are edible art.

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