I started this company because I want my kids to grow up seeing a mom doing something she truly loves, and not taking herself too seriously,” Bekah McWhorter says about her custom watercolor paintings, which she sells through an online storefront—along with prints, greeting cards, napkins, and other party goods. 

She’s been painting and drawing since childhood, but her work as a social worker had relegated art to a hobby. Then the skilled nursing facility that employed her shut down permanently in 2020. McWhorter turned to Instagram, and began doing custom pet portraits. “It has continued to grow and expand from there,” she says. McWhorter creates custom illustrations of homes, people, and other cherished memories. Drawing inspiration from “the beauty of nostalgia and simple, everyday objects,” she loves capturing the awe and innocence of childhood with her simple watercolors. “It’s that thing we grow out of as adults that I am trying to snag back and hold onto.”

Meanwhile, McWhorter has also teamed up with her friend Brittany Jackson to design custom invitations, stationery and gifts—all featuring her drawings and watercolor art—at brittxbeks.com. “I want my kids to know that attempting to capture the beauty around them, and those created in God’s image, is a worthwhile endeavor,” she says.

See more of her work at paintingsbybeks.com and on Instagram at @paintingsbybeks and @brittxbeks.