Photography is my life,” says Brandon Belflower, who was first drawn to photography in 2019 when taking classes at Amarillo College. He’s captivated by the power photography holds to capture a moment of time. “Every time my shutter closes, a fragment of time, with all of its immense possibilities, is sealed within a photograph.”

He dreams of being able to travel the world, capturing and preserving the beauty in these fleeting moments. For now, though, photography remains a side hustle. Belflower is the general manager at the popular Crumbl Cookies location in Amarillo. He shares his photography with the world through his Instagram feed and online.

Some of his most unique work is represented in a series he calls “Diagonal Art,” which crops familiar scenes in the shape of a diamond. “My perspective on life, while capturing time, isn’t always in a rectangle shape,” he says. He found himself regularly tilting his camera to get a certain perspective on a scene or object, and wanted to try to force that off-kilter perspective on the viewer by restricting the image within diagonal framing. 

See more of his work at and on Instagram @belflower_art.