In the July/August issue, contributor Wes Reeves explains the unique opportunity the Cross Bar Special Resource Management Area represents for outdoor recreation near Amarillo. The nonprofit Friends of Cross Bar SRMA is helping raise awareness and funds to improve the property’s accessibility. Since it launched, the Brick & Elm team has loved seeing the occasional game camera photos the organization posts to its social media feeds.

The property may be difficult for humans to access, as our feature explains, but it hosts plenty of wild residents, including bobcats, boars, raccoons, porcupines, skunks, coyotes, deer, and badgers.

“We have 25 game cameras on the Cross Bar, with plans for more,” says Lorie Van Ongevalle, President of Friends of Cross Bar SRMA. She says her favorite captures are those of badgers (photo top right). “They are not as aware of the camera as many of the other animals, so pictures are of them living their daily life.” 

Badgers burrow underground and are notoriously solitary, so it’s rare to see one in person. “They are one of the hardest animals to see while visiting the Cross Bar. I like knowing they are out there,” says Van Ongevalle.

See additional photos on Instagram at @opencrossbar as well as on Facebook.