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Where to Eat in Amarillo, Texas

Wondering where to eat in Amarillo, Texas? Here’s your (almost) comprehensive, alphabetized guide to local dining, featuring the best pizza, burgers, steak, Tex-Mex, Thai, Indian and all kinds of other cuisine in the Texas Panhandle.

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The Best Pizza in Amarillo

Amarillo, Texas, is home to several award-winning pizza joints, offering a surprising variety of saucy experiences to cater to the tastes of pizza purists and adventurers alike.

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The Best Upscale Restaurants in Amarillo

Amarillo, Texas, is known for its friendly and casual culture, but that doesn’t mean the city lacks high-end restaurants or fine dining. The upscale dining scene in the city tends to surprise travelers who view the Panhandle as a bastion of barbecue or chicken-fried steak.

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